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Photo Challenge: Converge

Photo challenges “the memory now is like the picture was then; weekly photo challenge: converge. convergence is, in a sense, one of the main tenants of buddhism. Getting started is one of the greatest hurdles in photography. so i created this 30 day photo challenge to help you realise your potential. for each day, you will find an exciting photography challenge that will boost your creativity and skills. by the end of the challenge, you will be coming up with many more of your ideas. This photo challenge is all about having fun and encouraging you to explore different aspects of photography. day 1: a selfie of you dressed up. day 2: your shoes. day 3: your jewellery. day 4: clothes of other people. day 5: your dream outfit. day 6: anything fancy in your closet. day 7: think of something unique. Wordpress’s weekly photo challenge, aka postaweek. weekly photo challenge: converge posted on november 30, 2014 | 4 comments tour of cloverdale cemetery, led by susan bennett october was a whirlwind of writing about cemeteries and talking about cemeteries and touring cemeteries. you can believe i was in heaven. Download and print our free challenge calendar. beginning on the first day of the month, or the first monday of the month, work through 1 task each day. you may have to adjust each task to fit your current situation, but use the calendar as a guide, and feel free to get creative! tag us on social media so we can see how you’re liking it!.